Tuesday, January 31, 2017


The Underground Culinary Tour
How the new Metrics of 
Today's Top Restaurants 
are Transforming 
How American Eats 
This book is very inspire me with the knowledge of the technology surrounded us that can be  more powerful and most useful software programs with unexpected of ability with all that it could be helping and proof to making a successful of the wine and a food hospitality industry. Wth his experiences from many years all the knowledge he had Damian Mogavero had put it all together to guide and give you insight in this book. I highly recommend to everyone must read this book. 
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Own It

Own It

The power of the woman at work 

By Sallie Krawcheck. 

This book is very inspires me about how the woman to embrace the powered their diversity ti imagine their careers. The world had been changing a lot now and showing us that instead of playing by the man created, It's will be a time for woman now. I highly recommend this book for everyone must read specially woman. Love it ! 
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ed's Tohlet and Other Stories

The Teen's Guide to Spiritual Growth
By Don Keele, Jr.

This book was very inspire me in so many way of  life how to live and how to be thoughtful of life as you can used the experiences from the Author of this book Don Keele, Jr. had been writing  comparing and guide you to be yours success of living and learning with the love of God. Don Keele he also explains and make us more understanding easily and fun to read that make you laugh and enjoy in this book with device to 10 chapter like, Smells; If God could open your spiritual nose, what would you soul smell like ? Many of us just go through like totally unaware of our spiritual need. Climbing the Walls for Guinness; You're only legit if you have the Right Representative and your name is in the book. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is to walk with your big Brother. Secret Weapon; You may not be very good at this called a Christian walk but for some reason, God chose you to be on His team. All He's asking is that you be in your spot with your hand up, willing to play. He'll take care of the rest. I highly recommend this book for everyone.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Woman of Easter

Best Selling author of The Woman of Christmas
The Woman of Easter By Liz Curtis Higgs 
Encounter the Savior with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene
This is a lovely, beautiful, joy and with faithful story that had a powerful way to experience Christmas all of the story the can be inspire our heart bring to the love of God. I highly recommend this book to everyone.
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