Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast by Noah Siegel and Christian Schwarz

I can not imagine that how hard it could be to push all out of the knowledge and the collective from of the experiences of author had pass and show the world to see all of the information. From the beginning start from the cover to inside is full of stunning of photography with the beautiful of the all kind of the mushroom than more than 750 species. the color of the picture is bring all the different of the details from the mushroom that you are normally and difficult to see your life also the  and some of them that can be dangerous or look like nice to delicious but it risking to eat them. The Fungi life that had been unknown and hiding in the wood for long time. This book will be the another chance to discovery and adventure and learn as this book offering.  It’s all the tool you need with the commend in every pages and easy to understand. This should be the other new version of the new generation of the mushroom textbook that need to be read and found from everybody. I highly recommend this book.

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